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This is an invitation into a safe place of inquiry and initiation!
To be brave! To be curious!


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As a teenager, Martin recalls making a bargain with God 1.0 that he would be a part of making the yearning for a spiritual connection a part of popular culture.

For his whole life, the there has been a sometimes distant yet ever-present longing to find purpose, meaning, and truth in life.

In earlier years, this undercurrent was met with inner shame for aspiring and wanting these things in a world where they were not the norm, for not prioritising these things, and for forever distracting himself so to forget these things...

His heart desired for these things to be embraced, emboldened and celebrated, rather than mocked, shamed or hidden. He wanted these explorations to be no different from wanting to be good at the piano or rugby - completely accepted.

Through this portal, Martin is calling in a tribe of like minded Beings to come together and celebrate life, evolution, diversity, spiritual exploration, Universal Love.

He says:
'Let’s make Wanting to be Evolved a cherished and encouraged endeavour.
Let’s make it part of a school curriculum!'

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Martin heart is guided by Seeking. This passion leads him to follow his curiosity down that forest path where the once invisible breadcrumbs become visible, and you slowly remember who you really are.

He believes that if just one person explores in this way, that will open the door for others to follow, as it allows them to know it is possible for them.


While building this community, Martin is passionate about writing, guiding, and even exciting people to explore beyond their front door of mainstream media and that unconscious peer pressure to conform.

“The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible”

Toni Cade Bambara

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Come and join our community!

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